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Implement Wikitude in Lower-End Devices

Implement Wikitude in Lower-End Devices
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Hi. In the Philippines,there are a lot of Phone Brands here and one of the most common phones is this one

In the Supported Devices for Android contains these requirements:

Android 2.3, SDK=9 (recommended 4.0+)

High resolution devices (hdpi)

Rear-facing camera

Devices with a capable CPU (armv7a and NEON support) e.g.

Samsung Galaxy S2 or newer

Nexus 4 (2013) or newer

Nexus 10 (2012) or newer


I am sure about the OS version. I also checked the range of PPI defined in the Android Documentation. However some midrange devices here in the Philippines seem to be low on screen density. 



According to the image from android Documentation HDPI covers until around 190ppi. However, according to this page:

MDPI: Medium density, ~160 dots per inch

TVDPI: Medium High density, ~213 dots per inch

HDPI or HiDPI: High density, ~240 dots per inch


I tested my app on my Cherry Mobile Flare and an alert pops up. 'Unable to launch the AR world on this device!'


It seem like the AR doesn't work either because of the screen density, the required armv7a processor, or both.


Is there a way to bypass these requirements? I checked other AR SDKs about the device requirements but they are lower than Wikitude's.


We need to make the app work for lower end devices.


PS. I am a license buyer.




EDIT: I installed the WIkitude Example App. It works. I need to resolve this issue. Thanks

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