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Can't run phonegap plugin on Ipad retina

Can't run phonegap plugin on Ipad retina

Hi all, I've two ipad 2 and 4. I'm able to test the demo version of Wikitude (with phonegap) only on Ipad 2.

The Ipad simulator of XCode and Ipad 4 show only the demo's menu but don't go inside the example.

Debugging with some "alert" I saw that the new Ipads stops at: app.wikitudePlugin.setOnUrlInvokeCallback(app.onUrlInvoke);

Anyone have some suggestions?





Hi Enrico,
You could use the Safari Web Inspector to debug the JS part of your PhoneGap world. Simply open the Web Inspector and hit cmd + shift + r to force a full reload of the app. Any error that will occur during the load or open ARchitect World steps, will cause a console output, giving you some precise information what went wrong.

As you mentioned that the behavior is the same for the simualtor and the device, what was the result of the 'isDeviceSupported' function?

Best regards

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