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Android AR integration with our custom application

Android AR integration with our custom application
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We are integrated the HelloImageRecognition Android project as a library with our custom application, which has other functionalities in addition to AR. This means our project in package com.acme.test calls the activity PhonegapSampleActivity in the package com.wikitude.phonegap.We are getting  forced closing of the application, once the camera is opened. 

The sample wikitude application is working fine. But we are getting this issue only when we are trying to integrate the custom app with sample wikitude app. 

Below is the code snippet to call phonegap

                    Intent intent = new Intent(MyMainActivity.this, com.wikitude.phonegap.PhonegapSampleActivity.class);




I have tried including the asests(www and world) in both source and in server. Both results the same. Kindly let us know the solution. Thanks in Advance.
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