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Multiple Tracker Images

Multiple Tracker Images


Is it possible to have multiple tracker images to display one drawable, in my case a video drawable? In the example I have 

this.tracker = new AR.Tracker(""

and I don't know how to create another one.

Shall I create another tracker? Like tracker2? If so, how? Will that also mean I have to create another Trackable2DObject? Thanks!

Hi Miguel,


thanks for your inquiry.


You can store up to 1000 different target images in one target collection (wtc file) and recognize them, but only one of them can be tracked at any given time.

If you want to show the same drawable on multiple target images, follow these steps

1) create one wtc file with all your target images

2) create one AR.Tracker for the wtc

3) create multple AR.Drawables you wish to display

4) create multiple AR.Trackable2DObjects and attach the disired drawable (you can attach one drawable to multiple AR.Trackable2DObjects).


Best regards,

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