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Image recognition and GEO not working in sample project.

Image recognition and GEO not working in sample project.

You can test if there isn't any loading problem with your path setup and that loading a world actually works. For this create a simple .html file (without any js or css includes) that displays a short message. Try loading this file the same way you are loading your other files. Does it work?

The unchanged example is working for you, right?

SIr i am using samsung galaxy note 2 and i have made some changes in JS files so what to do sir?

Hi Marco,
You could use the Safari Web Inspector to see if the ARchitect World is loaded correctly. You should see two .html files, one from the Titanium application and another one from the ARchitect World.

Best regards


I'm having the same issue, iPhone 5 running iOS 7., newest Titanium (3.2.2 GA) and newest Wikitude for iOS (3.2.1), code compile fine and app si working, camera image and wikitude logo is showed, but the car of the sample is not being display. What I found suspicious is that the "Loading..." message on the top is missing as if the index.html or the world in the .jsl could not be initialized.

Help would be appreciated




btw. nothing was changed in the example project


Did you change the example? What devices are you running it on?

If you suspect a problem with changes to the javascript files, please use the ADE (included in the SDK package) to test/debug inside a desktop browser. This will give you access to the powerful javascript debugging tools.

Hello i am jayesh.I am developing book recognition system using AR.i HAVE DOWNLOADED wikitude sdk and its sample project i am facing problem with Image Recognition and GEO.In this when the tracker is loaded three images appears 1.find shops.2.Get Deal and 3.Open website 2nd and 3rd is working but 1st i.e. find shops is not working please help me aout its urgent thank you.
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