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AR.loadARchitectWorld('my/path.html') doesn't load world

AR.loadARchitectWorld('my/path.html') doesn't load world

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I have Wikitude loading from within Phonegap, and AR.loadARchitectWorld('www/world/hop/index.html') loads an architect view, however it doesn't seem to load the specific world.

There's a console.log('hop index.html'); line within that file that never appears, which is how I've assumed it doesn't seem to locate it properly.


Any advice?

Where is your .html file? Is it in the application bundle root or in a subdirectory? Depending on the location, you have to pass the proper path to the Wikitude SDK.
Assuming your world is in a folder reference (blue folder icon in Xcode), then you would have to load the world as following: 


If it's located in the bundle root direcotry (yellow folder icon in Xcode), theen your would have to load the world as following:



Hope this information helps

Hi Andreas,

I've discovered the problem in that regard, as it was the general Phonegap build process that was excluding any new content from being added to the app.


Thanks for your help.

I'm new to wikitude, and I'm following the same thing as you told, but I still can't load resource the arExperienceUrl.

Here's how I did:

var app {


    arExperienceUrl: "www/experience/index.html",


    onDeviceSupported: function() {









and I put this sample under the experience directory.

 The device I'm using is supported, so I was just confused.

Hi Lingbo,
On which platform are you testing your application (Android, iOS)? 
What's exactly the content of your 'experience' directory? Did you implement the loadArchitectWorld onError callback to get more detailed information why it could not be loaded?

Our example application does exactly what you want, loading the Architect World from the application bundle, so it should be a good reference for you.

You can also debug your cordova application with Chrome or Safari (depending on your target platform). Maybe this helps as well to find the problem (Maybe finding any syntax issues).

Best regards,

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