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How to use multiple targets in video drawables?

How to use multiple targets in video drawables?

Hi, I had a problem with multiple targets in video drawables.

I had refer the sample of multiple targets in image recognition and video drawables. However, I don't know the jQuery code to do this function.

Can someone give me advice or solution? Thanks a lot.

By the way, I use phonegap plugin with xcode.

What problem did you had? If you describe it here in more detail, we are able to help you better.

Including any source code will make it easier to identify and probably resolve the problem.

Thanks for your reply.

?We had done the video drawables, but we want to have multiple targets to call different videos.?

We are very fresh for coding, so don't know how to do it in js file.?

There is our trying in js file by referring the documentation.


Thanks so much.

Best Regards,

There you have a few problems and it might make sense to use the ADE (comes with the SDK) to debug the code inside a desktop browser first. Addtionally the Javascript API Reference might help in getting a better understanding of the objects involved and their properties.

I'll try to give you a list of things to look at

- 2nd Trackable2DObject is created using the first video (see its drawables: {cam: }} property

- triggers of 2nd video control 1st video and play button of 1st target

- 2nd play button uses the same name -> when this is done in the same function triggers of the 1st video and play button won't work as they reference the 2nd play button object.

I would suggest extracting a function that creates a video based on an URL. This way you can reuse the code and don't have a lot of copy/paste code to maintain.


It is work for us.
Thanks for your advice.
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