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Add Directly AR Object to Stageview

Add Directly AR Object to Stageview

Hi Vishy,

The release mentioned in the blog post is planned for September. You can find details on the next big SDK release which is planned for July here.



Hi, I heard recently some major upgrades in Wikitude. Is the option to place digital furnitures without marker possible in Wikitude now?

This is mentioned in your article


As written above, it is unfortunately currently not possible. We have however put it on our feature request list and will discuss it internally. Please follow our newsletter where any new feature will be announced.

It is posible or not?? please.

I'm looking for the same. thanks.


I am working on furniture shopping system with mobile App , I try to show the 3d element on camera that user can see how new furniture change the decoration of the room.



This is currently not possible. I've noted it as a feature request and we will discuss it internally. To better understand your requirements and maybe propose an alternative solution, please let us what your usecase is.



Is it possible to add AR object(either image to 3d object) direcly to camrea without using any tarking object or geoobject.I want to show 3d ojbect by java script in ther center stageview 


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