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PhoneGap and Licenses Questions

PhoneGap and Licenses Questions

According to the Licensing Page, 

A Wikitude SDK license is valid:

for a single app

running on one operating system

for lifetime of your app


However, according to a web developer of mine, he uses phonegap in dreamweaver and it compiles the program to an app that can be deployed on different platforms, which is Android, iOS, Blackberry etc. If we do compile it in Dreamweaver, in which platform will the program run? 

Additionaly, if we do create another AR app, it will cost another $2093 for SDK Pro? So meaning 1 Project = 1 License? Sorry If I have many questions I just want to clarify it. Thanks!

Hi Miguel,

Our licenses are bound to the platform they are built for (Android, iOS) - so you  use Dreamweaver to compile the app for Android and iOS, you would need an Android and iOS Wikitude SDK license.

Additionally as you mentioned our licenses are per application/project -> so if you intend to develop a second app, you would need a second license key.

Should you intend to develop more applications, we also have a special agency pricing model. If you're interested in this model, please send as much details about your projects (how many apps are you going to publish, are you using Wikitude Studio,...) to and we can provide you with further details.

I hope this helps.

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