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Connecting AR to different software

Connecting AR to different software

Is there a way to connect the AR app to external softwares or programs? I am creating an app that needs AR and a game Engine, particulary Construct 2. In order to play the 2d game from Construct 2, you need to scan the pattern, where the AR comes in, then it will play a short animation(doing this now in wikitude) before playing the 2d game? Thanks and God Bless!

The SDK does not allow any deep integration with a 3rd party game, 3d or 2d-engine. However if you use it as a launcher, please have a look at the 5_BrowsingPois_1_PresentingDetails example. It uses "architectsdk://" urls for sending events and data back to the native application.

Basically you set document.location to any url starting with "architectsdk://". Depending on the platform you are using you will have to set a delegate (iOS) or register an ArchitectUrlListener (Android) with the ArchitectView object. Please have a look at the SDK Documentation for more details (Example Browsing Pois, part for opening a native detail page)

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