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Wikitude tutorial

Wikitude tutorial

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Hello . am planning to use Wikitude " Video dawable" with phonegap , so if anyone could provide some tutorial or examples othere than those posted here in the knowledge base and the phonegap documentation examples . 

Thank you .

Can you be a bit more specific? What are you missing in the existing examples and what should a new example cover?

like there was no expalination for the phonegap plugin methods at all ..

a tutroial from scratch like the examples in the github they are very handy ..

great work am happy to find wikitude its only 3 days since i started explore it but, am sure ill make few AR apps.   

ps. a project at startup weekend damasucs using wikitude .

I have the same problem... Seems like nobody will help us... -.-

In addition android sample from github it's full or code error and I don't know why :(
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