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200 Active users means?

200 Active users means?

Sorry forgot about that: have a look at

5000 users come at 199?
10000 users at 349?


How about the 2 packages? Where can I get the information?


the SDK is counting unique users and not concurrent users. The 200 user limit is for life-time of the app not concurrent usage.


That means 200 are concurrent users. Even the user, who downloaded the app but not running the app with AR experience, who will not be counted, right?

Besides, what is the price of 5000 or 10000 users? I can't see that package in the site.


Hi Frederick,

200 active users means, that 200 users of your app can actively use the AR experience of your app. Let assume that 350 users are downloading your app, but 190 are only using the AR experience - that would be ok. If you exceed the limit you can upgrade your FLEX license to 5000 or 10000 users or upgrade to a SDK LITE version, where there is no distribution limit.

I would like to know, how to count the 200 active users?

200 active users installed the app and not removed? (e.g. 1000 downloads but still keep in mobile just 200 users)


200 users opened the apps at the same time? 

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