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Combining Studio exports into worlds

Combining Studio exports into worlds

Hello - 

I'm new at using Studio, so my apologies if the answer to this is obvious.

How does one combine exports, into a world?

I'm using the test version so I can only do one image at a time.  I made one AR, downloaded it, then deleted my image and made a second download.  I now have two downloads on my computer which I upload to my server.

I then create a world for the Wikitude service, but it only allows me to set a URL to one of the uploaded exports.  How do I make a world have multiple (as once I purchase there will be many to combine)?  Or, am I not understanding how this would work?



Hi Marc,

don't worry at all for your question which is perfectly understable, and we will be happy to help you.

As far as I understood, you are looking for a way to merge two (or more) Studio projects in an ARchitect world which you would like to submit in the DevZone.

Actually you should create a separate ARchitect world (in the Devzone)  for each project created in Studio (in your case, 2). As a matter of fact, one Studio project can be seen as an indipendent app which can be even downloaded as template for a native project (Android or iOS).

About subscriptions:

Our subscription model is based on number of targets you can upload. It doesn't matter how many projects you are going to create. For example, if you own a subscription Studio 100 then you are enabled to upload 100 targets: it doesn't matter if you create 1 project containing 100 targets or, viceversa, you create 100 projects with 1 target.

By the way, please help us to understand better your needs: we would be truly glad to know more about your use case and which feature you are looking for.



Thanks for the reply.

What I would like to do is create a virtual tour for a town - where one can point their device at a building, and get historical facts, a 100 year old photograph, etc.

I thought the easy way would be to use Studio and upload these through your Wikitude App...but if I wanted 100 locations in our 149/month...this isn't viable as this is a fun project for me, not something that has any funding behind it.

It sounds to me that the only cost-effective way to do this, is to be able to make an app with SDK Flex or Lite (for the unlimited distribution) so that I'm not paying a monthly fee.  However, this is out of my range of skill - for while I have some HTML and CSS knowledge, I am not a programmer.

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