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ARchitec problems

ARchitec problems

Hello! I've been trying to create a world to use on the wikitude App, the world shows up on the wikitude app on my phone (samsung s3 mini with Jelly Bean 4.1.2) peferctly but whenever I try to scan my targets, which in this case are book pages, nothing happens, I've tried with the digital version and still nothing, then I scanned the preview from the studio and it did recognized that one, but when it does recognize it, it displays the augmentations from all the targets in that world, overall my main problems are these:

Targets are only properly scanned on the preview mode of the studio

When scanned the targets displays all the augmentations from the world,



Please, I really need someone's help over here 


In order to provide you with details and you're allowed to share your account details with me, it would be best if you could send your studio account details to, so I can logon and check the set-up.

Thx and greetings

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