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Phonegap samples app displays "Device not supported" error

Phonegap samples app displays "Device not supported" error


I have racked my brain without any answers to this. I'm running the samples app on a Tecno Phantom P7, compiling to android 4.2.2 using the phonegap 3.2 samples provided on github but i keep getting the same "Device not supported" error. When i compile the android version with ADT however, the app runs smoothly. I really need the phonegap version as i dont program in java. please help

Hi Billy,

Unfortunately we do not have your device model in the office but also never overserved this issue so far.
Have you tested on a different Android device and checked out latest samples on github?

You may try to comment out the call of "hasNeonSupport()" (or let it return "true" instead) inside and check if this solves the issue.

Kind regards,
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