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HTMLDrawables on Android

HTMLDrawables on Android

Nevermind, I fixed both of them. In the first one I needed to setup manually the geolocation for the ArchitectView (not sure why can't handle by itself like iOS) and in the second one bug was my fault. 

Well, actually I have one more bug which I reported on another thread. The camera it's seems to be not working on MotoDroid GLOBAL 2 with Android 2.3.3 (the screen is black) but the weird thing is I can see the POI :-/



I'm having to big issues using the 3.2.1 SDK for Android:

- The first one is the POI position... all the POI are stacking in front of me. I even tried with a regular circle and it still happening and already verified that my service is setting a direfernt latitude/longitude for every POI :( 

- Anytime I clic a HTMLDrawable (I already added a onClick event) the APP crash. I already submitted this bug like 10 months ago for a very old Wikitude SDK (I think 1.5)... did you fixed it?

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