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How to setup wikitude phonegap plugin in iOS mobile app project?

How to setup wikitude phonegap plugin in iOS mobile app project?

I'm using wikitude and PhoneGap for my augmented reality mobile app project in xcode5. I dont what mistake I had done during installation. I have already read all the documentation related to this setup.


Besides that, I have already downloaded wikitude phonegap plugin sample from github but I still dont have any idea to integrate the samples into my project.


I have already inserted this code into config.xml.


    <feature name="WikitudePlugin">

            <param name="ios-package" value="WikitudePlugin"/>




But I am not understanding this part.




    It is straightforward to use the Wikitude Plugin within your PhoneGap application.


    We wrapped all cordova.exec calls into a separate JavaScript wrapper which handles location updates and some more functionality behind the scenes.


    You will mainly work with the WikitudePlugin where all you have to do is to call Wikitude.isDeviceReady(successCallback, errorCallback) and in your successCallback, you can call WikitudePlugin.loadARchitectWorld(successCallback, errorCallback, "path/to/your/world").


What are the other kinds of files I need to add for running wikitude sdk in my mobile app project?


Why it happens? Why?





Please check this stackoverflow thread which should answer your questions.



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