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Create app with users profiles

Create app with users profiles

Hello. Is possible to create an app with user profiles in wikitude?

As this, is the proposal for my bachelor project:



you have following options to implement user profiles:

1. Handle user login and profile from the native App (android, ios) and forward logged in user information to the loaded AR experience. Have a look at the callJavascript() method in the platform specific SDK documentation.
2. Handle user login and profile from the AR experience utilizing HTML, CSS and Javascript. 
2.1 For storage you can use cookies, but I suggest testing that first on your target devices. Differences in the webview implementation on different platforms might require handling storage differently.
2.2 Do not store user login and request the information each time the user enters the ar experience (might not be a good UX, but probably okay for your project)

I would recom going with option 1, or if UX is not a big focus in your bachelor project option 2.2.

Let me know if you have any more questions.

Hi Wolfgang Damm,

Thanks for your help. Now I understand much more how JavaScript works. For my app, I'm using LungoJS for the UI, for the backend Parse and now I'm with Wikitude, I'm doing it with models.

I have a problem when using Phonegap 3.3.0 + Plugin Wikitude + WikitudeSDK. There is an apk in the SDK for Web, this app works perfectly on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Motorola Moto G, but when I export my apk, display that my device is not supported (never display, is supported). I found the project on github the examples with phonegap, compare my index.js with the file on github and this is practically the same.


What I have to do for the app shown Device is supported?


I have these ideas, but if not solve my problem, would think not:


1. Create a world folder containing index.html, js ( marker, poi ) and css.

2. Embed in original index.html the new html that are in world, in the right section

(section refers to each view in LungoJS) for which to display the AR .


Thanks for your help, I am waiting for a possible solution.

We have a specific example app for phonegap that demonstrates how to included the Wikitude SDK inside a phonegap app. Please find it on github:

Regrading your steps to integrate, I think you are missing one important point. The AR experience (world folder) is not directly embedable in the index.html. You must use the WiktiudePlugin to load the AR content.

Let me know if you have anymore questions.

Wolfgang thanks for your help, I identified the error and now I can see de AR view, but I have a problem AR view is on a top layer and mi LungoJS interface is hidding under the AR.

Do you know how to modify the codes to put the AR view under the UI, like on the attached image?



Within Phonegap the AR view takes over the complete screen. Therefore non of the UI you specified in phonegap will shine through.

However you can still implement the HUD (as shown in your design) by directly including the HTML for it inside the AR html content.

Hello Wolfgang, 


Thanks again for the help. The HUD charged with the AR, but the problem is that the AR loaded from the start and the application does not have good performance. When I use the hide() method the entire HUD ends hidded, I just need you to show the AR in a certain part of the HUD, because this app has a User Profile section. 


Is there any way to just hide the AR and not all the HUD?


Just to be clear, I want to turn off the camera.


When I'll buy the professional edition, can I turn off the wikitude logo and the wikitude intro?


Thanks again for the help

The camera can be turned off to save processing resources by calling = false; 

A valid license key will remove the logo and the intro!

Hello Wolfgang,

I can't turn off the camera, there are a issue, but it´s no more my problem. i don't know how to communicate from the AR to the index.html (phonegap). I saw a post but can´t do that LINK. Into the html (world) I create a menu bar with lungojs and do the gesture events (tap) with quoJS and I use onURLInvoked(url), to do the communication but notting happen. The first option was use window.addEventListener("hasChange", onHasChange, false) and do the respect code.

I don't know how to do that, I search on and i don´t found a solution.

If you are within the index.html that you load in the wikitude SDK you don't need to handle communication over onURLInvoked. Just call the javascript functions directly as you are running in the same context.

For clarification:

For passing information back to the phonegap world you will need to use the onURLInvoked method as phonegap and the wiktiude sdk are running in 2 different web contexts.
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