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Cannot load more than 9 AR Images ?

Cannot load more than 9 AR Images ?

Dear All,

Sorry, my english is not well, hope you all understand my meaning.

I am using phonegap sample for wikitude (planning to buy the license), but I found a problem ? when I put more image to load in camera, but it cannot display in camera, like size limitation.

can anyonce help me ?


there is a size limitation is dependent on a few factors. How big are the images you are trying to load? Are there any log messages?

I would suggest starting with images of size 256*256 or 512*512 (depending on how big they will be drawn) and try again.

If you do not display all images at once you can load them once needed. Destroy unused images again with .destroy(), which frees up texture memory for other images.

Let us know if you have any questions.
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