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HELP: ImageDrawable Animation

HELP: ImageDrawable Animation

Hi There,

Hope someone can help me out on this.
Would just like to know the other options for the animation... As per the sample in the Sparkle it does a "rotation" loop animation... What if I want a animatio of moving from one point to another point(left to right - ease in and ease out)?

Looking forward to your response.

Thank you very much.


PropertyAnimation allow you to animate a variety of object's properties. Let's have a look at the creation of a PropertyAnimation:

new AR.PropertyAnimation ( target , property , start , end , duration , easingCurve , options )


The animation is set up for an object (=target) and a specific property (=property). The property parameter is a simple string that is the name of the object's property. e.g. "rotation" -> animates the object's rotation property

If you want to move an object on an image target you need to animate it's offsetX or offsetY properties. Just have a look in the JS API Reference coming with the SDK package to see what properties an object has and what they control. Basically any numeric property is animatable with a PropertyAnimation.

As a reminder if you want more than one property and/or object animated use AR.AnimationGroups to combine different animations in squential or parallel order.
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