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Sample POIs

Sample POIs

Hi There,

Hope you can help us out. 

We're trying to create our own copy of the POI arrays using the "Presenting POI Detais" demo. 
We've copied the sample POI array from this -> and uploaded it on our own hosting server. However, when we've tested application - all the POI's are compiled together in the same distance. 

Hope you can help us out how we can scatter them and change the distances from a user point of view.

Thank you very much.



have you checked the location of the user in respect to the POI locations. It is likely that the POIs either have the same location or that the user location is far away from the POIs.

For demonstartion purposes we pass the current user location to our webservice which creates POIs around this location. Therefore you will be able to see POIs around you whereever you are testing it. For a real application the webserivce will either return all POIs it knows (feasible for a small set of POIs) or should prefilter based on the current user location before sending POI data to the client.

Let me know if this helps or if you have more questions.

Hi Wolfgang,

Thank you very much for that quick response.

However, I don't quite understand your reply regarding my concern. 
I've just copied the Sample POI from your site for the purpose of changing the values of the Title and Desciption.Then changed the value of this "POIDATA_SERVER: "http://myownsite/sample/test.json"," from the presentingPoiDetails.js. It did display the values I've used for the Title and Description, though all the POI's are stack together in one place with all the same 0 Distance (I can't select the other since they're all stack together in one place). I've tried changing the values for the "longtitude, latitude & altitude", still they're still all stack up in the same place. I was hoping that when I've copied the sample POI arrays - it should display the same location and distances like the original.

Hope you understand my concern above. As well as if you'll be able to guide me how can I achieve that scattered POI's.

Thank you very much.


What data is your webservice returning? You have to make sure the POI locations (latitude/longitude) returned are around the user's current location.

Hi Wolfgang,

I know understand your first reply. Can we also have that kind of webservice that creates POI near a user's location when we purchased your PRO product?

Thanks and Regards,

The webservices is not part of the SDK, but we would be able to share the source code with you. Please contact forum (at) wikitude (dot) com and we can send it to you.

Keep in mind, this webservice does not do very much. It creates random POIs around a certain location and is tailored to our example.

Hi Wolfgang,

Thanks a lot. Got it. Will send an email. 
Yup, very much aware of the randomness of the POI. 

Thank you very much.


You can find the relevant code snippet and description higher up in this thread.

For completeness this is what you need:

var event = {changedTouches: };;




I am trying to put down multiple POIs using the local resource.


I'm having some problems, when i use the example from local resource and with random values it works good


But when i change to this code that the documentation suggests, i can't see the POI's even thouugh it seems to load them.


requestDataFromLocal: function requestDataFromLocalFn(lat, lon) {

// comment out these 2 lines and use 'World.loadPoisFromJsonData(myJsonData);' instead to use static values 1:1. For demo purpose they are relocated around the user

//var poisNearby = Helper.bringPlacesToUser(myJsonData, lat, lon);








The JSON format is good we already checked it with the debug tool.




Andrés Sanz
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