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Android visualization problem

Android visualization problem

Hi, I've been using Wikitude for a project and all run ok but I've changed something in code and now Wikitude stop working. I'm not able to see what's changed. I have git and rolled back to previous version but still doesn't work.

Same files on iOS works ok so I don't know what else I can look at.

Wikitude file are attached.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Jose,

In the "from application model" sample the poi data is passed over using callJavaScript.
Please compare source code of sample application and check SDK documentation of this sample for details.

Kind regards,

Already checked the sample against my code and I haven't found any diff that explains the issue.

So the Problem is, that the Sample is working in the SDK Sample application, but once you extract the code into your project it fails.
Unfortunately I can only recommend you to double check for difference and check for JavaScript errors and do some debugging (e.g. is the HTML file loaded, is the location injected, are all permissions set, is the activity valid...)

Kind regards

JS files works on iOS so maybe is something android related but I don't know what to check. I follow Setup tutorial for android in Wikitude Page and everything is ok.
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