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IOS App Frozen and crash

IOS App Frozen and crash

good morning to all,

I've downloaded last sdk version 3.2 for IOS. For now I'm using trial version.

I noticed a strange behavior in my app and in your sdk example app too. 

In detail, only on IOS 6.1, when I use "Limiting Radar" example, at first access everything works good, but when I go out and enter again, all World is blocked. Nothing moves.

So, go out and enter again, everything works. Go out and enter for 4th time, app doesn't work. For 5th time it works and so on.(same happens on my app)

Regarding crash, it happens when I come back from background status, in main.m file : EXC_BAD_ACCESS (Always only on IOS 6.1)

Let me know if you need more info.




We will release a new SDK version (3.2.1) within the next days. The updated SDK will fix the issues on iOS 6 that you described.


Best regards


Sounds good!!

Thanks Andreas, we'll wait for it! :)
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