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geo-tagging 3D objects in wikitude

geo-tagging 3D objects in wikitude

Hey, I was wondering if there is any 'dev guide' - a pdf or something? 

Where can I read more about AR.ActionRange? 


Woah, thanks for the quick reply. 

I think I understood what you explained. Let me try it out and get back to you!


That is possible, but there is no complete example. Having an understanding on how to create Geo AR content (AR.GeoObject) helps. Here are the steps that make it possible to display a 3D Model at a location and hide/show it based on the user position. 

1. Attach a 3D Model to an GeoObject. This is similar to a regular Drawable:

var model = AR.Model("<path to model>");
var obj = AR.GeoObject(location, {drawables: {cam: model}});

2. disable the GeoObject by setting its enabled property to false. The 3D model won't be drawn.

obj.enabled = false;

3. enable it if the user is close to the model

obj.enabled = true;

4. you can use an AR.ActionRange to get notifications on when the user enters a certain area. Otherwise you can react on a change in the user's postion by attaching a function to AR.context.onLocationChanged.

Please find the documentation in the SDK's API Reference.


Just let me know if I need to clarify anything.



Hello All, 

Is it possible to geotag 3d objects in wikitude? As in can i walk up to a location and see a 3d model which was not there before in camera view? 

Can anyone point me to a tutorial? 

I'm a newbiee, Thanks for the help!

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