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Multiple Target Not working

Multiple Target Not working

i have generated the target collection (.wtc) using multiple images. And i downloaded the .wtc and used in already available sample wiki sdk.

Added the .wtc under assets in Image Recognition Multiple Target and also i changed the js file to use new .wtc . When i run the app and select multiple target. It is not recognise the the images.. Did i misss anything while creating the .wtc / using the .wtc in sdk ?

You can see under the project one in my wikitude account



Hi Snober,

after changing the target collection (wtc file), you also need to change the target identifier, i.e. if your target image is named 'pageOne.jpg' then you need to specify the target ID 'pageOne' when creating the AR.Trackable2DObject.

var pageOne = new AR.Trackable2DObject(this.tracker, "pageOne", {    drawables: {       cam: overlayOne    } });


Can you please check if that target ID is set properly?


Best regards,


Thanks Nicolas. It worked well :) :)
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