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How get AR X, Y Position on mobile screen

How get AR X, Y Position on mobile screen

this is not directly and official supported (yet). However have a look at this should describe a workaround to accomplish what you need. If not just let me know and I will do my best to help.

I have using Wikitude example "Solar System (Geo)" to doing a testing, but I cannot get the AR Object X, Y Position (Not Lat, Lon, Alt Position) when the see AR Object display in the screen.

Is Wikitude SDK got function is keep refresh and show AR Object position on HTML page?

Like when a "planet Object" is moving until center of mobile screen, it will pop out an alert.

Anyone please help


I want to get the coodinates of the 3d model wrt screen coordinates.Can u tell me a workaround 4 this?

Hi there!

Unfortunately this feature is not supported.
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