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WTC file Conversion offline

WTC file Conversion offline

Hi Wikitude Team, 

I am working on the app where users can download and install my app and upload their videos and images. In which if any of the images recognized by the tracker the video has to play. This is my whole idea. 

I want to know how can we convert the images as wtc files offline or even you are providing any API for that? Please let me know the possiblities for this?

Currently we don't support on the fly target creation on the mobile devices. The only way to create wtc files is through our target management tool. If you happen to have an interesting project we might be able to work together so you can accomplish your goals. Please contact us via info AT wikitude DOT com with a detailed information on the project at hand, we can than discuss possibilities.

Can you have API to create the WTC online? I want to let my clients to make the WTC theirselves online in my site.

or can you disclose the WTC format? What is the WTC Mechanism? 

Please contact info wikitude com - we offer a custom solution for this purpose available upon request.


Hi Wikitude team,

I want to access API to create Online or to operate Target Management Tool, too.
I am going to send to email for info at wikitude dot com.



Hi Team,

Mine is also same kind of requirement.

I've already sent an e-mail to info wikitude com.

- Best Regards

It is now possible to create .wtc files on-the-fly using the Cloud Targes API. Please have a look at the Cloud Targets API, which has been released just a few weeks ago and should be exactly the tool you are looking for.

I need to convert images to wtc file that work with wikitude offline Check Solution.




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