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Phone Gap plugin + BB10 Augmented Reality

Phone Gap plugin + BB10 Augmented Reality

We don't have any plans on supporting Webworks or Phonegap for BB10 at the moment. BB10 development is supported by the means of a native SDK. Please understand that support all different development methods on BB10 is a major investment that at the moment is not high on our priority list. However developing a BB10 phonegap or webworks plugin should be possible for a skilled native developer as we took similar approaches on other platforms.


Please see your stackoverflow post for more details. Basically you are building for simulator and Wikitude SDK for BB10 does not support the simulator.

Note: Might be a repeated question but I didn't find a robust answer from any forum.


Neither I am a BB6/7/10 native application developer nor I am aware of QML coding as it is far away from my coding standards. Come to the point I am HTML 5 or you can say phone gap developer in simple words and trying to develop **Augmented Reality using wikitude** while making an app compatible to BB10. I am facing issue in integration in BB10. Please find below some resources links which I followed till date:


Further, I tried to develop via native code using wikitudes sample source codes but no strong outputs. For more info refer:


I would request you to please reply as per your earliest feasible time if you would have any direct solution or you faced same issue in past and get it resolved successfully.

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