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Multitake .fbx character animation support

Multitake .fbx character animation support
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Hello Everyone,

I am not a developer but a 3d Arist. I have made an animated character (rigged with bones) with two animation (walk& Idle) in same timeline, exported into .fbx with multitake animation support. When I am importing the file into 3d Encoder three animation tracks/clips are showing. 1 animation, 2 animation, 3 animation.


1. Only the (1 animation) is working/playing which is the total animation Walk+Idle. I want it to be separate eg. Walk animation in (2 animation), Idle animation in (3 animation).

2. The wrist animation of the character is flicking. It is rotating/flicking weirdly in some frames.

Is there any way to resolve these issues even by coding also. Thanks in advance for help.

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