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Shapefiles / polygon data in Wikitude

Shapefiles / polygon data in Wikitude

Would like to get a shapefile into wikitude. So basically when you are in an area and using the application, the screen shows the view through the camera, with an appropriate shapefile (or polygon) outline overlain on the real world.

A) Is there any way of doing this and if so, B) how should I go about this (in very simplistic steps)?

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if by shapefile you are refering to a 3D model, than this is possible. You just need to encode it to our .wt3 format using the Wikitude3dEncoder. This is necessary in order to have an optimized model for rendering on a mobile device.

Currently we support FBX and Collada inputs for the encoder. If you can not directly export to one of these formats I suggest using any of the available 3D software (e.g. Blender, Maya) to convert to FBX first.

Once you have the model in .wt3 availalbe you can easily attach it to a GeoLocation:

var model = new AR.Model("models/my3dModel.wt3");
var loc = new AR.GeoLocation(12.345, 67.89);
var obj = new AR.GeoObject(loc, {drawables: {cam: model}});

I think that he's referring at ESRI Shapefile, wide used standard in delivering geodata. I think that will not be so easy convert ESRI shapefiles to collada or fbx models, but it's quite easy convert them in KML.

There will be a chance to publish the <linestring> and  <LinearRing> elemnts of KML vith extrusion or convert them in Wikitude encoder?.


By now I'm used to import geodata in a Postgis database and generate different POIs on the fly with php. For example is amazing serve to the user the nearest point of a river (which is stored as a linear geometry) with river's name and information.





Currently we don't have any plans on supporting ESRI Shapefile or KML as 3D Model input files. However there are tools out there to convert a shapefile to FBX (e.g. CityEngine). For details on the export see for example:

I must say I have not tried it and it might require additional work to prepare the shapefiles for export to FBX, but it could provide a valid option.

If you have a good buisness case that you feel we should (better) support please let us know via info (AT) wikitude (DOT) com and we will get in touch with you.
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