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Update HtmlDrawable content

Update HtmlDrawable content


I can show  a HtmlDrawable object on top of a tracker now. And I'm trying to update the HTML content by using something like htmlDrawableObject.html = "<div>test</div>". (in the inspector console)  But it doesn't work. But the htmlDrawableObject.html is already updated. It still displays the old content. Shouldn't it be updated immediately?

Also, I notice that the updateRate property is always 1, which is HIGH, right?  Initiailze the drawable object or setting it to STATIC don't work. It's always 1.

I'm using the PhoneGap plugin on iOS 7.


In my app, I'm trying to add interactive html content. Something like this: when you point the camera to the tracker target, it will display a few objects. You can change the object colors or states by clicking. I know it's not very easy to do it using HtmlDrawable. I'm trying to update the HtmlDrawable object's content. Is it possible? Or will the HtmlDrawable APIs be extended in the future? Thanks.


which verison of the SDK are your using? We fixed a few HTMLDrawable related problems in 3.1 and suggest using this version when dealing with HTMLDrawables.

In 3.1 you don't have to set the updaterate anymore. However you will have to define a viewportHeight similar to the viewportWidth. Please see the api reference and the included SDK documentation for more details.

Please try with 3.1 and let me know if you still have any problems.



Thanks, Damm. I'm using the latest version of phonegap-wikitude plugin here:, which I think is still using 3.0, right?   When will 3.1 be supported on phonegap(at least for ios)?

Actually, I realized that HtmlDrawable object is a full-featured browser, so I changed my app to load the logic and rendering code into it and it works great. So, no need to update by setting the htmlDrawable.html any more.

Would love to test 3.1 on phonegap as soon as possible. It may speed up my app. :)

Hi Eric,

Expect updated PhoneGap plugin being available in our github account within the next 2 weeks.
We'll then also provide some more Wikitude AR Plugin samples.

Stay tuned.
Kind regards,
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