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Problem with startVideoPlayer

Problem with startVideoPlayer

Hi there! I am working with a simple example of AR.context.startVideoPlayer(url) but when the device detect the image open the local player and close quickly.

I tried with local url, for example a video inside the folder assets/video/video.mp4 and a external url like, but it does not work.

Can help any persona with the same problem or someone from Wikitude?




we are currently working on some video related features for an upcoming release  and have fixed the problem with playing videos from the asset folder on Android. It will be inlcuded in the next release.

However youtube videos can not be supported directly from the fullscreen video player. They are basically weblinks and are not an url to a video file. You can instead use the AR.context.openInBrowser() function to open the youtube link in the browser which will show the youtube video.

Hi! Thanks for answering so fast! OK but i actually working with IOS, but as you say i will wait for the new version. Another think i would like to ask , is possibile with the actual version load videos over the image?

I saw a video with motorbikes, and i think is real good idea, but is possbile actually?


Currently this is not possible. However we are in the final stages of making this feature available. Please stay tuned and follow our developer newsletter.
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