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RE: problem in running Examples from Wikitude sdk

RE: problem in running Examples from Wikitude sdk

hi friend,

  i also have same problem but i have fixed it.....just check logcat gives you proper idea

Although orininal post seems to be deleted in the meantime.

In case you have Eclipse troubles 

please have a look at the Wikitude SDK Android documentation, here you find details on how to tell Eclipse to "not throw error" when a native library is part of a *.jar-file you included.

Kind regards,


I have already unchecked the 'Force error when external jars ....' option in Eclipse preferences. I am still seeing this error:

Installation failed due to invalid APK file!
Please check logcat output for more details.
Launch canceled

Logcat is not helpful at all since I am not sure how to filter it out to get the relevant error information. 


Any help ?



My above issue sorted. I am not sure how though, since I was trying different things to make the error go away. Now I am able to run the sample app in my device and camera view opens. But I can't see any AR views. For example, the POI samples don't show any POIs inside the camera view. I have opened another thread on this issue.



Additional hint

- Uncheck "force error..." flag in Eclipse settings.
- Clean Project, even delete the whole "bin" folder if cleaning doesn't solve the issue
- Concerning POI data and their rendering: We'll soon provide updated sample-application. Ensure that POI's altitude is set to AR.CONST.UNKNOWN_ALTITUDE so pois are always on user's altitude, otherwise they're hard to find once you receive a valid GPS signal with inaccurate altitude informatin ..
- if you want to use altitude information ensure to implement smart LocationStratgey so altitude of GPS is e.g. only passed to architectView if accuracy of the signal is <7meters and ignored otherwise.

Kind regards,
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