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Location Manager does not update

Location Manager does not update

Hi Alexander,

We are currently working on improved PhoneGap samples. In current version location is directly used from phoneGap.
Please have a look at latest PhoneGap 3.0 / Wikitude SDK 3.1 Version on GitHub.

If you encounter same issue there please check PhoneGap's GeoLocation API and test it even without AR-View, e.g. show alert on every location update and check how often event fires. WikitudePlugin.js uses Location from PhoneGap, so if PhoneGap does not fire you also don't get locationChanged callbacks in ARchitect.

Kind regards,


Im using the phonegap sample (POIs from Webservice) of the Wikitude 3.1 SDK on my Galaxy S3.

When I start the app and walk around my Location does not get updated.

I Monitor the Location by using this :

AR.context.onLocationChanged = function(lat, lon, alt, acc) {
                     World.locationChanged(lat, lon, alt, acc);
                    document.getElementById("statusElement").innerHTML = lat + " " + lon + " " + alt + " " + acc + Date();

  But when I switch to Google Maps and check for my Position and go Back to the App then it updates. But it doesnt update itself.

Do you have an Idea what might be wrong ?

I double checked that my GPS and W-LAN are switched on the whole time.
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