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need help please suggest me

need help please suggest me
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    Hi friends i am new for wikitude phonegap sdk...i read complete site but i am not getting any idea for how to develop Augumented reallity app by using wikitude phonegap sdk..i have two requirments these aare below please suggest me right way....or share something demo

1)Near Me

  This feature will produce an augmented view of the surrounding utilising the mobile devices camera within a set radius to provide the user with POI?s within walking, short driving distance. These POI?s will be added and subtracted by the x team at their discretion. The ability to add a logo or icon to the information screen would be ideal to be able to distinguish the difference between POI?s, and if no icon is added the app icon will be set as default.

When the user clicks one of the supplied POI?s the information page will augment on their screen to provide more information and a means to gather more information, contact the POI or navigate to the POI using the mobile devices navigational software.

2. Destination


The destination feature will be a way for the user to find what is in the area that they are travelling to, ie. The user is currently in SUBURB1 and is travelling to SUBURB2 to meet friends. They open the app and click destination and then enter SUBURB2. The app then shows them the category page of what is in the vicinity of SUBURB2 to a set radius.
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