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IR Application does not restart

IR Application does not restart

Hi there!

Please have a look at the WikitudePlugin.js implementation on github.

You may modify "backbutton" behavior there for example.

We're working on more advanced sample implementation, stay tuned for further updates, besides the plugman/PhoneGap 3.0 version published these days.

Kind regards,


Is there a way to completely disable the BackButton?

I tried to disable the Eventhandler but after I click on any Object within the environment the Back button causes the App to crash.

kind regards,

Alexander Ohlei


I'm using your Phonegap Sample of the Image Recognition. On my Android (Galaxy s3) phone I started the sample, then I used the Back Button to quit the App. Then I used the Back Button again to exit the Cordova Screen as well. When I restart the App and Hit Launch AR, then my screen stays Black. Then after a couple of seconds I return to my Android Desktop. When I start the App anoter time, It works again.

Eveythings fine with the other Sample (PoiFromWebService). I guess the problem lies somewhere in the closing method of the IR.

Do I have to add some additional destroy method so that the App closes properly ?

I use the Android 4.1.2 SDK API Level 16 for Building my App.

kind regards,

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