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IR Application does not restart

IR Application does not restart


I'm using your Phonegap Sample of the Image Recognition. On my Android (Galaxy s3) phone I started the sample, then I used the Back Button to quit the App. Then I used the Back Button again to exit the Cordova Screen as well. When I restart the App and Hit Launch AR, then my screen stays Black. Then after a couple of seconds I return to my Android Desktop. When I start the App anoter time, It works again.

Eveythings fine with the other Sample (PoiFromWebService). I guess the problem lies somewhere in the closing method of the IR.

Do I have to add some additional destroy method so that the App closes properly ?

I use the Android 4.1.2 SDK API Level 16 for Building my App.

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Is there a way to completely disable the BackButton?

I tried to disable the Eventhandler but after I click on any Object within the environment the Back button causes the App to crash.

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Alexander Ohlei

Hi there!

Please have a look at the WikitudePlugin.js implementation on github.

You may modify "backbutton" behavior there for example.

We're working on more advanced sample implementation, stay tuned for further updates, besides the plugman/PhoneGap 3.0 version published these days.

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