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Video Playback with Phonegap Crashes App

Video Playback with Phonegap Crashes App


I imported the new Wikitude (3.1) demo files for Phonegap (basic -> HelloWorld). I didnt change anything but the 2 lines in the following Method :

Marker.prototype.getOnClickTrigger = function(marker) {

    return function() {

        if (!Marker.prototype.isAnyAnimationRunning(marker)) {
            if (marker.isSelected) {


            } else {

                var url = "";       
        } else {
            AR.logger.debug('a animation is already running');

        return true;


When I start the App it works fine. When I click a POI to initiate the Video Playback the App Crashes. Do you have a hint what I'm doing wrong ?

(I use a Galaxy S3)

kind regards,


Hi Alexander,

Please have a look at the Android PhoneGap documentation.
You have to add the "MediaPlayerActivity" in your AndroidManifest to enable this.

Kind regards,
Andreas Hauser

Thank you, that worked perfect :)

kind regards,

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