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Problem adding "onMarkerSelectedFn" function to 5.3 example

Problem adding "onMarkerSelectedFn" function to 5.3 example

Hi, as the subject of the thread i added the "onMarkerSelectedFn" method into the "limitingVisiblePois.js" file because i wanted to have my POIs clickable and when clicked, appear the information page like the 5.1 example.

I added the method but it doesn't work and i haven't understand where i'm making mistakes.

I uploaded my example edited so if you please check it, that will be great.


2) I wasn't able to understand where the POIs latlong coordinates where declareated. I created my own JSON file (like example 4.2 "POIs from local resource"). where i have to declare it to use into the 5.3 example?


I used the last 3.1 SDK in Android and phonrgap.

thanks in advance,

Kind regards


Hi Brus,

I guess you also posted this question in stackoverflow.
Please find detailed answere there.

Kind regards,
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