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Sample AR using Wikitude SDK and license key in config object

Sample AR using Wikitude SDK and license key in config object

Hi All,

I am new to this SDK and i am trying to implement a sample AR experience before deciding to buy the SDK license. In the following link,

this.architectView = (ArchitectView)this.findViewById( );

final ArchitectConfig config = new ArchitectConfig( "" /* license key */ ); -----------> would this work????

this.architectView.onCreate( config );

Passing a null for a license key - is this supposed to work fine or am I getting something wrong? Please find attached log.

I am just trying to create a sample AR app that implements the solar system 3D model. In the main activity there is a button 'Start AR' which when clicked should open the architectView and start the AR experience.

But this is not happening and I am getting the error. PFA log file. Any help is much appreciated.




Hi Ivatury,
Passing an invalid key shouldn't be an issue.
Please check that you have very latest Wikitude SDK in use and check if deviceIsSupported using the provided static function in ArchitectView upfront.

If this does not solve the problem please check Sample Application, which is provided in SDK-zip to see if error also occurs there.
No luck at all? Please post device details here so we can have a closer look

Kind regards,

Hi Andreas,

Thankyou for the quick reply. I am using Samsung Gt P3100 7" tablet for testing. In the log.txt attached, if you can observe, i am getting error with camera parameters. On the device, the ARview is showing a black screen with the wikitude logo at the bottom left corner. I think the camera view is not opening up.  In my app, I just created the ARview from which I called load function from Post create.

Is there any special code i need to write for the android code to interact with the javascript?

Would simply loading the index.html using the load function start the AR experience ?

Do I need to remove ade.js script tags from the index.html?

I am able to run the Samples from the SDK on my tab and was able to experience AR.  In my sample AR app i am using the Solar system IR only.



Hi Ivatury,

Please have a look at the source code of the sample application. You there see how to forward activity-lifecycle eventy properly. To launch an AR-Experiece it is enough to call the load-function of the architectView.

You can then interact with native code by calling e.g. "document.location = architectsdk://hoo?bar=123" and register an UrlListener in the architectView so any of these events is forwarded to your native Android/iOS code.

Find more details and samples on the documentation page.

Kind regards,
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