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[iOS] How to use injectLocation ?

[iOS] How to use injectLocation ?

I've seen these 2 methods in the reference

? injectLocationWithLatitude:longitude:altitude:accuracy:

? injectLocationWithLatitude:longitude:accuracy:

But I'am not quite sure how to use it. When do I should call it? 

I tried to put this code when the architect view is started. But nothing happens anyway.


What do I need make use of this location I've been injected? (E.g. create a model/POI from this location.)


And one more question here: 

? callJavaScript:

Am I able to use this function to add some more code in 'World', like add more model, or bind a model with given location.


P.S. I did search before asking. The only post I've found related is the one below, which is still unanswered. So I post mine with a little more question





? injectLocationWithLatitude:longitude:altitude:accuracy:

? injectLocationWithLatitude:longitude:accuracy:

You can use this methods to inject a 'fake' GPS position. This can become necessary when your ARchitect World should use a fixed reference point to start from e.g. a game at a specific monument or place. But in general you don't have to use this method if you don't have to.

After you've injected a new location the 'onLocationChanged' callback will be triggered and all your currently existing drawables will be redrawn, reflecting the new location.


Best regards

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