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Is possible to create POI or Marker in front of Camera?

Is possible to create POI or Marker in front of Camera?

Hi, I'm newbie for Augmented Reality and now I'm do some research on AR android with wikitude

I have a question if have some possible way to Create POI or Marker in front of Camera when User Tap a Button 

Example : When User move camera to some object and user Tap a Button on screen. POI or Marker will be create at in front of Camera.And when User Move Camera to another area A previose POI must not Disappear And User can tap a Button to Create antoher POI

Thank you


this is currently not directly supported. However you can create invisible GeoObjects (use transparant drawables) and check if they are visible once the button is clicked (AR.GeoObject.isVisible). Depending on what objects are visible you can calculate the approximate direction the user is looking at.

I know this is not ideal but could still help you to accomplish your goal. it possible to place a 3D model in front of the camera using AR.RelativeLocation()...what would be the value of easting and northing in that aim is to overlay the camera feed with the 3d model.

Hi Saher,

Yes you can place 3D model using RelativeLocation. This documentation here should help you.

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