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Creating a 2-dimensional map containing GeoObjects

Creating a 2-dimensional map containing GeoObjects

I would like for my app to have an option for the user to view the POIs on a 2-dimensional map (much like how googlemaps looks... or how the map feature in your app looks).  

How would you suggest I go about generating a map?  Is there a simple way to do this in the AR World, or will I need to pass all of my geoobjects through the native app and have the app do the work of displaying the geoobjects (using a google maps library or something similar)?  Or could I just make the radar really big and mess with its background image and stuff like that (this seems like a bad idea to me)?


While it is possible to display a map on top of the AR view using e.g. google maps api. I would suggest to use the native map component of the particular platform as it often gives you better performance and a nicer user experience.

Hi Wolfgang (and other wikituders),

Thanks for the quick response!
I have a couple clarification questions:
1. So I should not generate my map in my ARWorld, but rather in the native app?

2. What do you mean by "the native map component?"  From what I can tell, the common way that people implement maps in their android apps are by using the Google maps API.  Would you please give example?

Thank you for the help!

1. right, i suggest using the Google maps API on Android.

2. basically the built in map component of the particular platform (e.g. Android).
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