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play video from asses folder

play video from asses folder


guess there are two questions asked.

@gaurav: Please let me know what platform and SDK version you are experiencing this. Does it work if you load the same video from a remote URL?

@John: You can use an AR.ActionRange to get notification when the user moves into the specified area. It is up to you to define how you want to react to this event. Playing a video is definitely possible. If you have addtional questions, please open a separate topic on this as it is unrelated to the initial question asked.


Seems that this is a very good question if just a little bit reshaped.

Let's suppose that I put some 3d model in the view and I wanna play a video when the user come close to the model.

Is there any way to achieve this?



problem is that when i play video form assest folder i get error video can not be played why so ??

below is code i am usig:

var vidonetopay = new AR.context.startVideoPlayer("assets/a.mp4");
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