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Moving POI

Moving POI



Does Wikitude support moving POI's?

If so is there an example on how to do this in html?


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You have the possibility to change the location of a GeoObject after it has been created by changing its GeoLocation. 


var loc = new AR.GeoLocation(...);
var obj = new AR.GeoObject(loc, {...});

// change the location of obj
loc.longitude = 12.34;
loc.latitude = 56.78;

Addtionally if you want a smooth transition of the object from one location to the other you can create a property animation on its longitude, latitude or altitude property.


new AR.PropertyAnimation(loc, "longitude", startLongitude, endLongitude, 1000);


see the API Reference for more options on animation, e.g. group multiple animation by using a parallel AR.AnimationGroup.

There are examples for animations in the SDK Examples have a look at "Point Of Interest - Selecting Pois".
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