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ARWorld Stuck in Desktop Browser Mode on Android Device

ARWorld Stuck in Desktop Browser Mode on Android Device

Hi guys,

I am writing an app for Android with the Wikitude SDK and have finished the getting started.  I appear to be loading the wikitude world correctly (hello world and button clicks both work).

I am trying to get the examples you gave us to work.  I put the html and javascript files into my assets folder and everything seems to work fine except:

1.  the camera isn't active (the background is just a blank screen).

2.  the "onLocationChanged" function doesn't seem to work.

3.  When I try to make a marker with relative location, they appear stuck in the center of the screen (no matter where I face, it just sits there).


This is how the page would behave in desktop browser mode, so I theorize that that (the page thinking it's displaying on a desktop browser) is my problem.  How do I fix it (make it work like it should on my tablet)?



Karl Krehbiel

PS.  I'm working on a tablet that has GPS and wifi but not 3G

Hi There!

It seems like there is a problem in the setup of your android project.

Could you please make sure that you followed every step in the "Getting Started"-guide.

Specificly make sure that you correctly implemented Android's activity lifecycle. Additionally you could compare your Activity to the implementation in the Example projects of the SDK

Hope that helps,

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