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Hi Andreas,

Thank you so much for the pointers and I have now managed to compile the example to a virtual machine at last!

However, I'm experencing another issue when executing the program started with this message - 'Unable to instantiate activit ComponentInfo{com.wikitude.phonegapsamplehelloimagerecognition/com.wikitude.phonegap.PhonegapSampleActivity}

I have removed all the Vuforia references, cleaned the project and emptied the bin directory (even tried with and without Any ideas?



Hi Ming.

Please ignore the in gihub and use the normal only. 
Starting with Wiktiude SDK 3.0 you no longer need the vuforia library (jar and so files).

We will update das git begin of next week and adjust the documentation there too.

Kind regards,

Dear all,

It seems that one of the required library file called for the extended example is not present anywhere, I tried the Wikitude Android SDK library folder, wikitude phonegap plugin and even vuforia sdk!

Am I missing something here or the library needed to be compile from somewhere?


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