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Wikitude Studio: Preview on device does not work

Wikitude Studio: Preview on device does not work

Hi there,

I am trying to preview my target and augmentation on my Samsung S4. It does not recognize the target image. I tried several different pics; nothing happens. Is there anyone who experienced similar problems with the Wikitude Studio?

Best regards,


Yes, "Target collection cannot be loaded"

Hello Oli,

Do you use the latest SDK version 3.0?


This is using the Studio not the SDK

In order to preview the augmentations you created in the studio you need the sample app which you will find in the SDK 3.0 package.

Hi Christian,

thanks for the information. It looked so simple in the video. Didn't know that I also need the SDK. Will try it out later.

Thank you,


Neither did I, you might want to put this information somewhere!


In order to test your AR experience with the device please follow these steps:

1. For Android install the Examples App from here:

    For iOS build and run the Examples project from the Wikitude SDK (Xcode required)



2. Open the app and enter the URL to your AR experience %%URL%% in "Launch World via url"



3. Point your device at this image on your screen



Like, on the studio pages!

Dear Nicola,

thank you very much for the instructions. It works without problems now. Thank you also for updating the instruction in the Wikitude Studio itself.


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