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What versions of IPAD does wikitude work on?

What versions of IPAD does wikitude work on?

I have just tested the wikitude app on IPAD generation 1 and it brings back device is not supported.  

Can I clarify what devices and generations wikitude is cleared for?



Hi Judith

Wikitude SDK for iOS  is working on devices fulfilling the following requirements:

Devices running iOS 5.0 and up


GPS and / or network positioning


Rear-facing camera

To be able to run image recognition with good user experience a device with a capable CPU is needed - something along the lines of an iPhone 4S, iPad2.

Given that the iPad 1 does not have a camera, the SDK will report "device not supported".




I'm using iPad 2, iOS 6, and anytime I try to use the Architect Viewer (in the developer settings) to view the AR experience I created in Wikitude Studio, I can't.

I put in the web address, but there's no way to click enter or open to go to the address. It's the weirdest thing.

On the Android, I enter the address and click open. It's works like a charm. On the iPad, there is no such option. Am I missing something? Is there a way I can view my experience on the iPad? What do I have to click to go the web address that Wikitude Studio has given me?


the flow on iOS devices is a little bit different compared to Android devices. Instead of opening the link directly, on iOS devices the link is added to the favorite screen, after you added the link. Go back then twice from the developer settings menu to the favorite screen, where you will see an icon with the last part of the URL as name. 


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