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Misplaced POI

Misplaced POI


Thank you for your answer. Please keep me updated. If you have some more questions, let me know.



Hi Roberto,

Thanks for the hint. We put your request on our feature list and discuss possible solution in release circles.
Unfortunately there is currently no way to intercept sensor value handling in the Wikitude SDK.
A release date for a version with the fix is yet not known, but is not expected to be published within the next 6 weeks.

Kind regards,

I can't try with large distance because my app is releated to a small area (300 m of radius).

I've tried with different Android devices. If i put my phone/tablet in portrait mode, the POI are fine; if i rotate in landscape, the POIs goes -/+ 10/12° left/right.

It's not related to the GPS because the quality of the signal is perfect, it's only a matter of compass. Obiousvly i've calibrated it with 3 loops in the air (and i've appreciated the precision after)


I think the problem is similar to this one

I would like to change the "bearing" algorithm (inserting a orientation mechanism), but i can't find where, in , is the bearing read.

EDIT: On iOS it works flawlessly in portrait and landscape both.



Hi there!

Could you please compare the experience with different devices and POIs with larger distance.
It might be that the user's location is too inaccurate causing POIs in near distance appearing not where expected.

Once compass is well calibrated and the position of a placemark is in same direction in both screen orientations the SDK works as expected.
In case marker is not where expected the accuracy of the GPS/Network positioning is usually poor.
PS.: You may customize the positioning algorithm within the WikitudePlugin platform implementation as it is open sourced.

Kind regards,

I've the same issue on Android ( Galaxy Tab 10.2 ) with Wikitude 3.2.1 and the Phonegap plugin.

Is there a workaround for this issue?


No I use iOS 6.1.3 on the both device. 

I find for handle the interface orientation chnages thanks.

But even if I lock the orientation in portrait mode on the iphone the POI always misplaced. And not just a few meters but there are almost 180° shift from their location.


are you using different iOS versions on the iPhone/iPad?

If you want to change to interface orientation changes in a different way, you need to manipulate

- (void)willRotateToInterfaceOrientation:(UIInterfaceOrientation)toInterfaceOrientation duration:(NSTimeInterval)duration





to set YES/NO for different UIInterfaceOrientations.


Best regards


Hi, I'm using wikitude SDK on phonegap to show some POI on the camera.
When i'm in landscape view the poi are in the right place. But when i'm rotate to portrait view they aren't in the right place.
This appear only on an iphone. When i'm on an ipad everything is fine.

Do you know how i can fixe this? And how prevent the autorotate?



I do some more test and in portrait view they are not just in the wrong place but the move all over the view. They can move more than 180°

I really don't know why they are do this and why only in portrait view.

Please do you have any idea ?
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